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Cristian commented on Crowdfunding Solar Power in Communities

Regarding to what Tosh says and your idea Selina, I just saw the IDEO project for Human Centered Design Book on KickStarter: I think if you offer something in return, you could have a greater impact. And that's the think Tosh mention it.

I live in Colombia. What I see most important to do, is that the project could be done entirely as a private initiative. Unfortunately, in South America our corruption indexes are too high, so, I think through technology and a private supporter this could be great!


Cristian commented on Parental Expectations as a Key Factor in Success

Maybe, as an hour of code initiative: this could be replicated on some schools for low-income families. It's difficult that they have computers, but a lot of activities could be done with other material, like recyclable boxes. There're a lot of workshops that could be done with this material to bring the boys a new vision of what they can do. Also, this workshops could be extended to the parents in order to they see all options that exists beyond the waiter or guards profession. I think programming opens a world of options, because this one is needed in: medicine, law, politics, engineering, biology, etc.

I actually do not appear in the video, just my friends. But they are just bright!. Two of them join Google and one girl join Microsoft (I work at Red Hat). That leads me to say that it's possible to find smart people working for good causes in Universities. They could dedicate one weekend a month to "Pop-up bus" inside the city, especially poor neighbourhoods. I found this other idea: and I remember Hour of Code. Those two activities could join and be part of the buses focused on childs, don't you think?