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A more efficient mechanism to deliver development aid and social relief interventions.

A more efficient mechanism to deliver development aid and social relief interventions.

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Ivan commented on M - AID

Would you be able to elaborate more on your 'experience in building mobile social enterprise solutions for deepening financial integration'?

Low income segments of society often don't have access to financial services and products, this makes it difficult for them to take control of their lives and extricate themselves from the grip poverty. We believe that the problems that hinder the provision of services and products to the poor can be bridged with the help of technology. We have worked on various interventions with the aim of meeting some of these challenges, they include; mobile wallet, an e-commerce solution and a farmer's cooperative book-keeping solution.

Would you be able to elaborate more on these comments in your beneficiary feedback document - 'All 6 expressed concern about the reach of the mobile wallet. They wanted to know the limits
of the wallet. '? What is meant by reach/limit?

By reach/ limit I am referencing the geographical area in which the payment solution will work. All 6 of the surveyed stated that they often traveled beyond the camp and were curious to find out if the mobile wallet would work beyond its environs.


Ivan commented on M - AID

Hi Kate
What would the Nakivale Refugee camp project look like over 1 to 3 years?
We anticipate that the project would have sprouted a cashless eco-system that would benefit both the refugee and the host community. The mobile wallet does more than just deliver aid, it can facilitate a cashless economy with all of its inherent advantages . It can be used for peer to peer transfers, as well as a payment solution and it is easily transferable to cash in case the need arises. It is hard at this point to estimate the volume and reach of the anticipated eco-system without the benefit of a pilot project plan.

What checks will be undertaken to ensure responsible use of the stipends?
The mobile wallet will be compartmentalized, each compartment representing the particular purpose for which the relief credit is intended. For example a MEDICAL compartment will hold relief funds intended for medical purposes. The compartment is designed in such a way that the credit can only be transferred to a registered service provider who provides that service. At each transfer, the system will generate a report (receipt). Stipends that are not used after a given period, will revert back to the donor account. What is more the compartments can be added or removed remotely by the system administrator, allowing for the inclusion of new donors and interventions.

What is the phone penetration (percentage) in the Nakivale Refugee camp?
I have not encountered any survey of the exact figures of mobile penetration in Nakivale. However a camp of comparative size and set up across the border in Kenya, Kakuma, was recently surveyed by a world bank sponsored project established the cell phone penetration at over 85%, with many people holding dual SIM or smartphones. This figure rhymes with my first hand and unofficial analysis of Nakivale. Nearly every adult I encountered in the camp possess a cell phone, many of which are smart phones. The area is adequately covered by two mobile networks.

What technical expertise do you have to build M-AID? What expertise will need to be bought on board for this project?
The team is quite experienced in design and build of mobile wallets. The expertise we would need to bring on board is expertise in digital ledgers, financial administration and marketing to interface with the donors.

How much work and testing has been done on the M-AID wallet?
M-AID is still in the very early design phase.
When was your organisation registered (month and year)? Would you be able to provide a link to filing information etc.? - 13th May 2013 in Kampala Uganda. I am able to attach a registration certificate on request.