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Ashley commented on Alumni Mentoring Scheme-Updated

Hi Yiru,

Your idea is absolutely correct in that networking is a huge part of a students professional development and future career path. My question for you is how are you going to attract alumni to be mentors in this program? I know that many alumni enjoy staying involved with their universities, but what would they get out of being a mentor for this program? Additionally, to further build the network for students, I think it would be beneficial to students if you were to also expose them the research and ideas of their fellow students/mentors. This could be done by having students present their ideas to others in the program, and would allow both mentors and students to access a more diverse audience who could contribute ideas.

Best of luck with your idea!


Hi Sarah,

I love your idea and how passionate you are about focusing individual attention on a neglected group of the college market! My only question for you is what exactly the "in-person support" entails. Since the students you are focusing on are also working, I'm sure they are very busy and would need to move their schedule around to accommodate this support. To that end, the quality of the support provided to them is vital because it is the only personalized individual attention they are receiving. Furthermore, have you considered adding a community aspect to your idea, where students can connect with one another? As a college student myself, I have found that having a community to support me in achieving my goals has been a vital part of my experience, and I think it is important that these working students also have that same support.

Best of luck on your idea! I really love what you are doing!



Ashley commented on Learn and understand each other better through stories

Hi Ning,

Your idea of using the experiences of others to connect with peers and further learning is a very well-intentioned plan. My only concern is that all your testing is performed during in person interactions with others. However, it sounds like you are looking to pursue an online platform for your idea. Incentives for interacting in person versus online are very different, and it is unclear to me which exactly you are looking to pursue. Furthermore, depending on if you decide to pursue an online or in person platform, your audience base is going to differ substantially. While you may reach more people with an online platform, it will be harder to build those meaningful connections that your project is based upon. Meaningful connections are much more easily forged during in person interactions, however that would limit the crowd of people you could reach.

Best of luck!