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Hi Terry,

This is a great idea. It sounds very similar to service-learning. Could you clarify on what the differences may be between service-based learning and your concept? I worked with a nonprofit called The Supply that implemented service learning curriculum into local slum schools to redefine education in a way that would incentivize students to lift their communities out of poverty. While service based learning proved very effective in more impoverished communities, I wonder if the same system would work as effectively in suburban areas where students may feel less empowered to 'create change' in their communities or outside of their communities.

Furthermore, what would be some indicators of success for your idea? While our educational system traditionally relies on standardized tests to effectively 'rate' students and schools, how would students be ranked against each other based on their performance on their projects? Considering college entry selectivity, perhaps 'successful' students who are taught with this type of curriculum may have greater social value that's comparable to a high GPA?


Eileen commented on Future School- July 17

Hi Max,

Awesome idea. It's so frustrating how our education system is structured and your plan sounds like a great jumpstarting point to turn it on its head.

I noticed some commenters below me address the question of Future School as complementary vs substitutive. Without more detail from your proposal, it sounds like serving as a complementary educational tool would be more beneficial to students versus wholly substituting the traditional classroom and lectures. Have you considered the implications of this kind of educational tool for homeschooled children or children with developmental disabilities? I'm curious on your thoughts on how this system could potentially work for students outside of the traditional education system.