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Ryan commented on Social Media and Death

I found this a very thought provoking post and it certainly raises some issues around death and social media. I guess it opens up questions about should death be publicised on social media or should the family and friends be allowed to grieve in private? From my perspective the Family of the grieved should be allowed the option of closing down the social media page, suspending the social media page (i.e. Facebook Page) so no-one can post or to keep it open and allow people to keep posting. As social media increasingly affects peoples lives it will be interesting to see how this issue gets addressed.


Ryan commented on Involving Children

Hi, While I am not a teacher, I am a parent who has young children. I would like a Primary or Elementary School Teacher (Depending which country your from) to be able to facilitate a discussion or be prepaired for a question about dying or death. My suggestion is that a warm and supportive atmosphere would need to be created in order to minimise anxiety, when the class discussion was to take place. Students should not be forced to participate but can voice an opinion voluntarily. Introducing a topic about the differences between animate or non-animate things, or maybe even start talking about past civilisations, then moving to the historical burial riturals of the civilisation and then build on the conversation about death from there. Hope this helps.