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Hi OpenIDEO Team,

We are very grateful for the insightful expert advise we've received.We're highly inspired by the expert feedback on our initiative.The Sunpoynt Health team remain passionate and committed to connecting more slum communities to our service to ensure women and children in slums live a dignified quality life while receiving quality healthcare services.
SunPoynt Health provides basic healthcare cover enabling our users access basic healthcare services and manage healthcare emergencies thus enabling our enterprise to be economically viable we allocate $4 of the $8 fund collected from waste sales towards providing each member with 2 monthly guaranteed clinic visits insurance cover on a monthly basis,we spend $2 per member on operational expenses and earn $2 net revenue per member .

Additionally, using enterprise savings and grants from partner Organizations passionate and believing in our live improving service model that we shall reach out to, Sunpoynt Health plans within the next 2 months to conduct 6 months pilot of a community based media platform using mobile technology system dubbed "Mobile Vaani" platform to drive healthcare awareness, build content for health campaigns that drive behavioral change in slums and dissemination of health information for both public and private sector targeting slum communities in Nairobi City. Mobile Vaani is a unique voice-based media platform specifically meant for rural and low-income urban communities. It enables people to share information over a simple phone call using basic mobile phone utilizing call-back technology thus making the service free for users.We believe these tool shall provide a forum for our members within slums to share and access first hand information through their mobile phones ,while building interactions that foster community development.Our Mobile Vaani system is accessible through a simple, easy to use voice medium for providing timely information access besides enabling user engagement.It does not require the user to have a smart phone or data connectivity. It is device and network agnostic (in the geographies where it is implemented in) addressing all the key issues/limitations of-Awareness, Accessibility & Affordability.
SunPoynt Health and Onion Dev India have agreed to proceed with a collaboration to integrate Onion Dev’s Mobile Vaani technology system into Sunpoynt Health’s product offering to create a community based mobile phone embedded media platform using Onion Dev’s ‘Mobile Vaani’ platform to drive awareness, build content for campaigns and dissemination of health information for both public and private sector targeting slum communities in Nairobi City and other vulnerable rural communities without access to mainstream media. The pilot partnership venture intends and envisages to create and build a ‘dedicated Mobile Vaani’ instance for SunPoynt Health to leverage a mobile based ‘Information & engagement platform’ for not just its own ‘target user outreach programs and campaigns’ but also to open up the platform for other organizations.

Mobile Vaani is therefore designed as a voice-based social media platform-people call from their phones and leave a message or listen to messages left by others; messages are moderated by a trained team of community reps; thus helping participants share info. In a variant, callers also engage with campaigns run on Mobile Vani eg asked how often were they visited by community health worker is early marriage rampant in their communities and to collect data for externally auditing the performance of public services and to gauge community feedback and perceptions on SunPoynt Health’s initiatives.

Integrating these technology into our current product offering shall greatly provide additional value and benefit to not only our health insurance service users in slums of Kenya but also connect other community set ups to information and interaction that shall unlock barriers that have affected them for a long time. With Mobile Vaani system integrated into our business model, we believe that we shall be able to provide give a voice to millions of slum communities and vulnerable rural villages to interact, share ,communicate, learn, report emergency cases, solve crime and socially connect with their friends easily via their simple mobile phones . Successful implementation of Mobile Vaani system shall enable us receive massive user base/in calling audience which Sunpoynt Health shall utilize to negotiate for paid community empowerment campaigns from various key Organizations like Plan International,Oxfam Kenya; interested in delivering various awareness messages targeting our users. These shall enable SunPoynt Heallth be able to generate additional extra income by charging advertising fee to run various campaigns on behalf of partners. These shall have a great positive impact towards Sunpoynt Health sustainability and growth.

Hi Kate,

We appreciate your inquiries.
1. We did gather 150 mothers who already are registered to our scheme to listen from them the impact our service has been to them and their families as well as seek their feedback on additional services we can offer them.
After 3 hours of great engagement and testimonials, we gathered below feedback.
a. Mothers recommended if we can use the same waste to health model to offer their children education cover through a waste to education fund model to enable their children be supported through their primary school level.It was quite heart-breaking to listen to 50 of the mothers we gathered share that their children have been forced to stay home for over 1 month due to lack of school fees. Together with my team members, we did approve these recommendation and we shall be launching a pilot by July 1, 2017 targeting 400 mothers already registered on our healthcare scheme. Under these model, mothers shall be required to deliver waste worth $10 on a monthly basis where we shall allocate $7 per month as pay for school fees for 2 school kids per family.We shall monitor how these shall work for 3 months before we officially open the service to other 1220 mothers already on our scheme.

2. Our members have an option of selling the waste to various waste collectors but what discourages them from doing so is the little prices offered to them. Our members get paid $4 for 45kg worth of waste while if they were to sell same waste quantity to waste collector,they would earn $0.5 cents;money that cant even offer them 2 days healthcare.Members have since realized these exploitation and embraced our model.

3. We dont allow expectant mothers to collect waste.We just sign them to our healthcare insurance service but recommend their spouses and children above 18 yrs to collect the waste and deliver to us.

4.SunPoynt Health was registered in January 11, 2016.
5.Our model can be replicated across the globe since plastic waste is produced globally. We are interested to connect with NGOs promoting healthcare access in urban informal settlement areas so that we can establish a long-term healthcare access program utiizing locally available free resources like waste .Additionally,we're interested to connect with NGOs,Foundations and other philanthropic organizations offering seed grant funding geared towards supporting livelihoods in slums areas within developing countries like Kenya where we operate from. Our service has gained massive demand among slum communities in Nairobi.We receive numerous inquiries from slums areas we haven't launched in yet but due to inadequate financial resources,we are forced to shelve down such request,only offering promises to the communities.With seed grant funding availability, we shall be able to set up 6 new centres with 4 major slum areas in Nairobi ,connecting over 5,000 women to monthly insurance as well as 10,000 slum children aged below 5 years to medical cover monthly.

During the beneficiary phase,we talked to 100 women in Kibera slums sharing our idea with them.We already had a clear plan in expanding our idea into Kibera slums after successfully launching in Mathare slums where we have 1125 women benefiting from our service.
During the engagement in Kibera,85 women requested us to incorporate providing education insurance to enable their children access education since going by their status,they couldn't afford to support their children .They suggested that if we combine both healthcare insurance and education cover for their children using waste,then they are willing to collect any amounts of waste we set .
My team and I listened keenly to these women sharing passionately about the challenges they go through both in accessing education and healthcare for their families and themselves .
As we had promised them then that we shall launch our service in January,incorporating their suggestions,my team and I are happy that our new centre has already been opened in Kibera slums where only 2 weeks into operation,100 women have akready registered as members 95 of them being part of the group we interviewed last month for feedback.
The Kibera slums centre is currently piloting providing education scheme for members school children below 14 years using waste as a financial resource.Our members shall benefit for both healthcare insurance and education scheme for their children where each member shall be required to deliver a minimum of waste worth $15 on a monthly basis where $5 shall be spent on healthcare insurance cover,$6 for payment of school fees for their children and the rest $5 as our revenue per member per month.
We shall be monitoring these combination moving into next 6 months to be able to test our model's viability and sustainability so as we can scale it up in other slums in Nairobi.