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I just want to thank the entire OpenIDEO team and Challenge participants for this journey!! This idea has been swirling around in my head for over a year. I've been to Small Business Development classes, Digital Marketing classes, hired a webmaster,  yet it seems like I have writer's block and NOTHING could really get it onto paper in a usable form .....until I encountered the UX Map!
Then I looked at all the professionally done challenge opportunities and ALMOST gave up on completing the challenge myself since I hadn't built an OpenIDEO team and was far from the achievements of others. HOWEVER, I made myself sit down an put my ideas into simple images and simple words, and suddenly the whole concept of the business plan jumped from my head to the Post-It notes!!
I was able to envision a series of "friendly handshakes" between caregivers/patients and the complicated healthcare system of managed care in the US. Instead of all the End-of-Life resources competing, they are collaborating to meet the needs of the patient and caregiver at the level they are at and the consumer is able to make informed choices and interact with Managed Care Providers at a more comfortable level.
When the 12 Month Mortality Calendar is implemented, the consumer will continue to hear these messages at coffee shops, college campuses, churches, health departments, and even as an employee benefit, in addition to the info she gets from the doc offices and hospitals. 
The Community Conversation Newsletter will also include brief "consumer advocate" articles about other areas that will bring interest for those not quite ready to talk end-of-life options. (I also work with physicians and public healthcare providers on their Privacy and Security (HIPAA) duties, and consult at Primary Care offices, incorporating end-of-life, depression, intensive diabetes and obesity information, and resources into Medicare Annual Wellness visits, so I will include general consumer level information about Wellness and HIPAA in the newsletter to attract the attention of other users.)
So, once again, thanks to OpenIDEO for unlocking my business plan "writer's block" with the UX Maps!!
ARK Community Wellness, as of today, will have 3 "arms" - 1) The Community Conversation Nurse and 12 Month Mortality Calendar, 2) The Community Wellness Nurse with resources for patients and docs about end-of-life, diabetes, obesity , smoking cessation, depression for prevention (and of course to help docs meet quality reporting metrics)  and 3) The Community Privacy Nurse with consumer advocacy information to help ensure they choose providers who have active HIPAA Compliance Programs to secure Protected Health Information (PHI). 
The tagline for ARK Community Wellness is "Together we can change the world one Act of Random Kindness at a time!" and this sums up the entire consumer experience and "handshakes" between patients/caregivers and the Managed Care Providers (in the US) at all the different levels. By respecting individuals at the level they are currently at, and being grateful for the acceptance of me by others, we can celebrate our unique stories and create a user experience that will help re-imagine the end-of-life experience, hopefully long before our end time is near.
As the plan progresses, I may try to incorporate a similar UX Map into end-of-life planning discussions now that I have seen the rewards of the experience!! If I can help even one other person re-imagine their end-of-life story, knowing that they can change the direction of their plan and imagine something new as easily as moving a Post-It note from one place to another, then I will have succeeded. Multiply that one newly empowered and newly informed individual by the thousands we can reach, and "Together we can change the world one Act of Random Kindness (ARK) at a time!" 
I left my full-time hospice nursing job 1 1/2 years ago to pursue the dream of re-imagining the end-of-life experience. I work from home now (making just enough to survive!!) as I develop ARK Community Wellness and HIPAA clients across the country. The HIPAA consulting has taken center stage with all the new ransomware attacks that threaten our data at our doctor's offices, but now, THANKS TO THIS CHALLENGE, I have a better vision of how to move forward with all of the connections in my community that have heard me dream for over a year!
Have I said THANK YOU yet?! Thanks again!!
Next time I work with OpenIDEO I will understand the entire process better and be able to team up with others and contribute better to their ideas. This time I was a newbie, so thanks again for challenging me!


Amy commented on Living Well After Loss Listening Tour

I like this idea a lot. A type of community support group could grow out of this, naturally pushing leaders to the forefront to offer support to those one step behind in the process. Supported by providers in the community at different levels

Absolutely awestruck by your entire package and ability to define and present your vision! So much for me to absorb to be able to respond at present, but wanted to applaud you and follow your progress!