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You present a noble and innovative concept to address a difficult, most vexing problem.  As someone in the healthcare field who has worked in financially and technologically challenged environments, my issues are of a nuts and bolts nature and are likely to arise with your project.  Many pharmaceuticals are beyond affordable for indigent populations.  How will the project obtain sufficient medications at reasonable cost to potential patients as well as at an attractive price point for the entrepreneur pharmacist?  What collaborative service is planned to ensure patients take medications as directed and not experience side effects or unwanted interactions?  Will the pharmacist serve as supervising clinician, will other individuals be present at the mobile outposts to sort out clinical issues, or will the patients need to address these issues with a separate healthcare provider/counselor?  Given that the medications will likely be sold at a cheaper price in this market than elsewhere, what mechanisms will be in place to ensure that both the distributor and patients receiving them do not resell them on the black market for profit?  Lastly, some issues are more readily addressed through simple administration of medications and involve less clinical management (ie. women taking prenatal vitamins as opposed to a diabetic managing blood sugars).  Do you plan to role out the project in phases starting with simple, readily addressed issues first?  Thanks for your project interest in helping people that often aren't given a chance.