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Elric commented on (previously

I love the efficiency that this promotes. If capacity is there, why not use it? The question that comes to mind is whether colleges would be willing to support such a use of their space. Although they could benefit from the additional funding, I just wonder if some colleges would perceive a threat to the "ecosystem" as it stands. If some students are allowed to take courses at a reduced cost, would others demand the same treatment? An airplane ticket is used for a single flight, but a course lasts multiple months. I'm interested in thinking of ways that one could overcome these challenges. Perhaps it would require a more drastic change in the way college is paid for over all? At any rate, a very interesting idea that deserves further attention.


Elric commented on Early bird catches the worm

I appreciate how accessible this idea is for just about any high school. Schools are so often focused on the typical subjects (and improving test scores in those areas) that they fail to prepare students for college at all, let alone inspiring the confidence some students need to consider college in the first place. Very nice!