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Kar commented on Sustainable HVAC Alternatives

At a time when the climate is in focus worldwide, we are all becoming aware of issues and behaviors that affect us now and will have repercussions on the planet that our children will inherit. It will take a lot of work to slow down this destructive process and, I think, should involve each of us sharing this common interest.
It's refreshing to see an idea that allows each of us to personally take control of our part in this endeavor. We all strive to be comfortable. And, we know that cooling and heating our homes and businesses can be extremely expensive. We also know that heating and cooling of our indoor spaces affects the environment on a very large scale. 

This particular idea lends itself to both being comfortable and, in my opinion, being more responsible today than yesterday. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and, more immediately, reduce our financial obligations to the energy companies. Who doesn't want that?

Imaging the cost savings and carbon footprint effect if everyone could turn their room thermostat up or down a few degrees every day and just adjust your wearable device to your personal level of comfort.