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Langston commented on MicroKarma - Crowd funding meets Impact investment.

I thought it was very inteasting that the government spends 30 million on toilet construction and it does nothing to drop open dedication rates. It seems like such a waste when that money could be going else where to do better things. Have you guys tried contacting the local or Indian government to see if they have a grants or funds that you can obtain? Just a suggestion. Also once you have your project fully operational will it be paying for itself and become self sufficient? And how do you plan to get the word out about what your company does? Are you going to rely on word of mouth or look to other means of advertisement.


Langston commented on Water Rituals

Great idea! I think it's great how your plan incorporates and centers around women giving them a bigger role in the community? However, do you see any push back from the men in the community for giving the women a bigger role? What I mean is is it traditional for the women in the community to stay at home and does your program challenge that tradition? Also do the women who teach the younger girls about the sanitation and general hygienic health get paid or is it more of a spreading the word kind of deal? Also does the government provide educational grants? And once you have taught the local women what they need to know will you move on to the next town and let them run the program themselves? And if new informations or techniques arise will you inform the local women so they can update their curriculum?

Great idea! I have a few questions. Do you find yourself in competition with other water distributors in the local area? Also have you considered making jobs avalible at the water shed to help unemployment in the surrounding area? Also is there anyway that the selling of your water will make you operation self sufficient or will you need to rely on government and private funding?  Also how does the sale of potable water decrease open dedication? Do you hope to expand at somepoint to provide plumbing systems in the surrounding areas?