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Eriks commented on UnBroke

Hey Darryl,

Thanks for your comments. It's great food for thought!

We agree that the first discriminator for the student is not price. Which is why the UnBroke process starts once students receive their college acceptance letters (i.e. students are only eligible for the UnBroke program for those schools to which they're accepted).

When you say, "if you could negotiate a price better than what the student will receive directly from the school as a scholarship, grant or loans," it's actually exciting for us because we've interviewed individuals who have performed ad hoc negotiations on behalf of students and have found legitimate success - on top of the scholarships and grants already included. What's more is that these colleges want to enroll a student that qualifies for scholarships and/or grants because that individual's already decreased tuition doesn't cut into the college's net tuition revenue. Win-win for both sides.

And yes, while there may be "immense availability of data online" to all those with an internet connection, I'm hesitant to consider both the immensity of the data and the data itself a socioeconomic level for those still bearing the weight of having to read and sift through material, organize and create a case, and finally articulate all that over the phone in order to finish at an agreeable financial contract for one's future.

(As for the price sensitivity of this community, I can't claim to know a group's understanding of consumer spending, like food and clothing, nor a 25+ year investment, like higher education. But I do know for me - at the very least - they are wildly different. Food and clothes are relatively inexpensive and short-lived when compared to something that can change the future and last a lifetime.)

Would you mind sharing some of the non-profits you described? Our team would love to dig in and do some more research.


Eriks commented on UnBroke

Ryan, thanks for extending an offer to help. We met with Shane, Joanna, and Yauri the other day to refine down some of the ideas we had. We're currently working on features within the business model, particularly when it comes to finding, funding, and crediting negotiators for the work they're doing on behalf of the student. We thought of high school college counselors (and maybe more generally teachers) as an audience that may be interested in doing something like this, as there are a number of potential incentives. Lauren has talked with a few individuals who may fit this persona, but Shane mentioned that you might be a good person to discuss this topic with further. Do you have any time to discuss this approach (either here or via email/phone)?


Eriks commented on Could colleges simply cut tuition?

Makes me wonder how many students dropout of college because they can't pay.