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Daniel commented on Opensource renewable energy: Solar meets 3D printing.

Perhaps so that you are able to retain control of the product and the direction is goes in, instead of just leaving the product as open source to become whatever the user wants perhaps you could hold a collaborative competition to see how the public envisions the product being used and thus implement if possible changes to the design to accommodate. This way your able to get people to invest themselves in the product and perhaps increase the likelihood of it being purchased.


Daniel commented on Sustainable living news and permaculture.

Jai, if this lifestyle were to be implemented via a set of 'step or suggestions' what would you recommend, based on your experience and knowledge.


Daniel commented on Enabling circular economy: leather from fruit waste

Davide, this is a great application of the circular economy. Is there any information on the durability of the products, how long does it last compared to traditional leather goods? Has a business model been put together to assess the critical amount of products that would need to be produced and bought to make this commercially viable?

Well, good luck.