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Troy commented on WeCare Coffee Cup Ecosystem

do you know how many people drink at the store or take it on the go? Just wondering more detail about keeping the cup.

Starbucks here has cups for sale, but most people are in line expecting a paper cup which they throw the place I was wondering like in cafeterias why glasses aren't just there (for here) or to go, and just washed like they are in cafeterias.

Good higher end smaller throughput cafes use stylish ceramic cups and those are placed in a bin and somehow I've never quite understood the appeal of paper cups for at the place.

it occured to me that like the coffee, a reasonable amount 90ml is machine envelope mailable, and ends back at the brewery for cleaning/remaking (incentived multiple ways) this completely sidesteps the distribution and recycling infrastructure integration headaches that challenge most other clever bottles and the like.

Put alternately this approach could reach everybody today with no friction, no opposition from big corps, and possibly easy integrations with them too.

We could start with coffee/espresso, then move to cream/non dairy milk (e.g. almond or our coconut oil based NomNomilk), then fresh juices.

Fast forwarding as blockchain backed hyperloop/smartcar/drone/segway delivery replaces the USPS/Fedex/UPS physical delivery network, it only gets better with time.


Troy commented on RHole - The Recycling Hole-Stick Unit

larger rip ties are pretty rigid actually, they are regularly threaded through tarp holes for attaching to pegs, maybe a hook and clasp type cut your own length if material cost is a goal.