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Moses commented on Parent Advisor / Pediatrician Alliance

This sounds like a great program! What will be the child’s age limit which parents can get advice from pediatricians? Will it just be new-parents of infants, or will there be different sections of the app for different life development stages (i.e. infant, toddler, young child)?

Also, is there/are you envisioning a way to have this app be a website as well? Will parents be able to use this app even if their individual pediatrician isn’t involved with one of the care teams?

Lastly, will you do any community outreach to spread the word about the existence of this app beyond hospitals and word of mouth from pediatricians to new or soon-to-be parents?


Moses commented on Baby Box

1. How will these boxes be distributed at hospitals? Have you identified the appropriate partners to work with within the healthcare community in order to facilitate the distribution of the boxes? Do families have to sign up to participate? Can doctors/nurses identify families they believe would benefit from a box?

2. Have you thought about giving families these boxes before they give birth, so that they can watch their pregnancy development and better prepare for the birth?


Moses commented on Oasis Game Urban95

Hello Niels, love the concept and the idea behind your program and the population you're working with and bringing the idea here to the United States. A few questions:

1. Utilizing the Oasis Game to strengthen and energize communities sounds extremely promising, and the South Side of Chicago is a ripe place to bring this strategy to the United States. You mentioned in the “Who Benefits?” section of your proposal that Courage to Love and Director, Congregational Health Partner, Advocate for Health Care and Reverent Dr. Peachy have participated in various partnerships of this community-building sort. Could you elaborate on what Dr. Peachy’s role will be in this pilot project, and how, if any, the role of health education will play into the community-strengthening and sustainability aspects of this project?

2. Additionally, you state that this pilot program will run over a span of 8 days, will there be a central location where all the participants will stay? Or will participants be expected to voluntarily come from their homes to the central meeting location each day to participate in the game activities?

3. Who will you aim to train as facilitators? Will these facilitators engage in additional training beyond the initial 8-day game sequence? Will you be asking for facilitators to volunteer? Or will you be using another method to select the individuals that will become facilitators?