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Pro-poor  Social + Economic Empowerment 
Inclusive Collaborative Village improvement Program (ViP)with Buy Back Arrangement

Pro-poor Social + Economic Empowerment Inclusive Collaborative Village improvement Program (ViP)with Buy Back Arrangement

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Thank you OpenIDEO team. First, the project will focus on two communities namely Namisita, and Kamuli. And over the course of three years, we aim to reach 30-50 communities as we scale. Secondly, EYFI equip rural youth with the knowledge and skills to lift themselves from extreme poverty in a self sufficient manner. We are doing this by 1) training and advising them on the choice of produce such as fish farming, poultry production, organic ginger farming etc 2) by so doing, we are able to pool together these small farmers’ produce and create a market linkage for mass sales.
EYFI also introduces Farmer Ownership Model. The importance of the Farmer Ownership Model is about unlocking the tremendous economic potential of agricultural commodities to give farmers a chance to move out of poverty. By unlocking opportunities for farmers to engage at higher levels of an agricultural commodity value chain, the Farmer Ownership Model not only increases incomes but brings fairness and equitable power relations along the value chain leading to creation of shared value for all involved actors to be winners to ensure sustainability. This also gives the small farmers an opportunity to have a combined production that can attract larger buyers—e.g. wholesale grocers and bottling companies—enabling the farmers to get better prices and high-value markets they couldn’t access before.
Thirdly, Rainbow Gate Foundation will be responsible for implementing the idea. Comprising young, international teams from the areas of agriculture, marketing, design, science, technology, education and sustainability, our team has several years of experience working across Africa and a good team of volunteers present in Uganda to help make the idea successful. EYFI`s foundation is based on the full partnership with community-based organizations, such as farmer`s associations, cooperatives, forums and non-governmental organizations, to mobilize farmers and youth and to develop social capital.


RainbowGate commented on Omega Logistics Project

Hi Felix,

Thank you for your contribution and for recognizing the importance of this solution. Looking forward to working with you


RainbowGate commented on Neighborhood Network Scheme (Updated 12/10/15)

Sure. What gave us an edge to engage with the NYSC was the fact that our Founder was the Former President of the Sustainable Millennium Development Goal Community Development Service Unit of the NYSC (formerly MDGS CD Unit). And the vision to begin Rainbow Gate Foundation starts from the same platform years ago. Therefore, we continually engage with the new and old members  each year to carry out our initiatives.