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Firstly just think about the children who are being born and raised in prisons!

Then think about mothers. Having a baby is challenge to any mother, because they want to give best possible care for their newborn. But to have a baby in prison! That is whole different kind of a challenge. If we as society are not able or simply do not want to see reasons behind the looks and behaviours of those “annoying” people who we need to imprison, then at least we should be able to be compassionate about babies. ALL babies are being born to this world without any guilt, all babies are sweet, and they are vulnerable. If babies are born to unfortunate conditions, then we, as grownups with heart inside us, must give them a chance for life. Who dares to deny a child from hope for better life? I do not dare to look at any baby and tell them that they will end up on streets or in crime or in prison! Therefore I support this project. Some of those mothers were also born and growing up in dangerous circumstances. We should break that cycle for these babies who are born in prisons now. No matter what we blame their mothers in, those babies deserve a chance just like all other babies.
There is already an amazing team who has worked on this issue for 5 years. The least we can do is to support them so that they can keep doing that hard work!

Is there also a follow-up for the women who have been in this program? Or in the frame of this project, is there tutoring or other kind of support system for the women once they are released from prison? And how about funding for the social enterprises? I guess that most of those women enter back to freedom with empty pockets, so they would need help for starting producing something? Or is government providing them with some sort of support? Are they being provided with information about available funds? Are they even eligible to apply for any of the funds, I assume their background might be an obstacle? Maybe there is a need for a special kind of fund or supporting network? If these questions are not being covered yet, then maybe next stages of the project could expand to these areas to enlarge the impact and to ensure the sustainability of those mothers.

I am inspired by your attitude and dedication for the work you are doing and I hope that you can continue on with this project!