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Hi Ashley, Thank you for asking me that. I've, actually, witnessed these drastic circumstances in my surroundings. First of all, the stigma associated with reproductive health discussions, that renders proper education almost impossible. People keep surviving on health-related myths and die with it. I've known women who died during childbirth, and known girls who were clueless about their own reproductive health (irregular cycles, heavy cycles, you name it), and they also suffered. Then there are girls who are forced into marriages in early teen years, thus, they also end up producing a line of kids. What inspired me to this is the simple understanding that if we want to help these women/girls and we can't go to them directly. Let them come to us, and from there we start the teaching programs. A kind of medium develops, if we possibly can make it a hub of fruitful discussions... (Check this recent article by a renowned author:

Feel free to ask anything else you have in mind. Thanks a lot!

Hi Shamim, Thank you for commenting.

Cultures evolve with modernity and increasing access to education. When these people are acquainted with the bad consequences of not using family planning methods, eventually, they'll adopt modes of survival that are safer which includes family planning or at least good parenting. Religion plays a lesser factor nowadays when the survival has become so difficult and increasingly uncertain. There's a growing urge for acquiring education and proper livelihood among these people. I believe, when they can be directed towards these better pursuits, things will fall into place. It's just that, someone has to be spreading awareness... And that's what we'll try to do.

Would you like to add anything more to it? I'd be most pleased.

Hi Ashley, Thanks for evaluating my idea and providing suggestions. Kindly read my updated answer. I hope that answers your question ref: having engineering background trained us to delving into problems and solving issues. As for the uniquely qualified, it is my association with the healthcare sector and an understanding of the overall problem with my worldly exposure.

Feel free to have as many questions. It only gets better!