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I love this inspiration! It is a great idea to question our "dusty" ideology of not allowing children to interact freely with their environment. Many children today have a very limited ability to move and to navigate in their home area which is often linked to decreased learning abilities, child obesity and many other problems. This derives mainly from parents driving their children from a to b to c which shrinks a childs need to navigate and move actively in his environment. I believe that helping children to get creative with movements and interaction of their environment will boost their general and their creative confidence evenly


Adam commented on Understanding systems sparks creative confidence

Thank you so much Jeff. I think you pointed out what potential slumbers in the change of perspective from individual to whole systems thinking. Being able to analyze the interdependent factors of a problem by "zooming out" of your individual perspective might help to create confidence for problem solving. And what is creativity if not a individual way of problem solving? :)


Adam commented on “Measuring” the Company's state of well-being

I really like this concept. Since wellbeing is a not a clearly defined state of mind, it will vary from person to person and even from one moment to the other. So by using the life wheel tool, people will get a much more visual response which in my opinion should be used as an inspirational tool for the company and the employes alike. Have you ever thought about adding more than 4 areas to the life wheel? And maybe the system can generate suggestions on how to achieve more balance for the single user and for the overall wellbeing of the company. Just some suggestions that came to my mind when i read your concept. :)

I found this link in my bookmarks. They allow you too enter your own areas which has the advantage of individual life wheel creation. Might get in the way of a corporate wellbeing status though.
You can find the the life wheel under the interact headline.