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Daniel commented on Returnable Cups

Hi Claire Donnelly , I'd love to know more about what makes your cups fun! I've often thought having local artwork or unique images on a cup would help drive the conversation about choosing reusable within the community. For inspiration check out VessellWorks, Cup Club, Viva la Cup, and GO2CUP which are some returnable, reusable cup initiatives around the world. Viva la Cup is probably the most similar in that it is a purely returnable cup scheme with a fixed deposit. Easy to implement for cafes and they use stainless steel cups. But are they fun? They could probably be funner! In my hometown of Perth, Australia we have these disposable cups with nice images on them which cafes can pay up to $0.7/cup for (usually disposables cost $0.5-$0.2/cup). I think you could be onto something by going down the fun path... can't wait to see where you take this concept!


Daniel commented on Coffee Cup Deposit

Hi Mikayla Anderson , great to have you join the challenge and huge applaud for choosing reusable! You say the next biggest challenge is figuring our how to make this idea a reality. This idea is possible to pilot on a small scale if you can source 10-20 reusable cups (sometimes you can find them in thrift shops or your friends/families/neighbours cupboards) and then go around to your favourite cafes and ask if they would be willing to start a returnable cup library. This way you can work with the cafe finding out what works for them and their customers. In my experience, it is the cafes who need to drive these initiatives. Have a think about what value you're going to create for the cafe and their customers. Looking forward to collaborating further with you!

Hi heather kelly , I'd love to FaceTime with your class! Feel free to email and we'll tee up a time.

I have actually facilitated two schools in my hometown Perth to set up their own student run dishwashing service that benefits the school and provides the students with insight into running a small business. Maybe something to consider if your school is littered with disposables?