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Daniel commented on What if single-use cups were… reusable!?

Thanks Lauren!

It has been a really valuable experience for me. I've definitely learnt a lot that will help me increase my impact to reduce single-use plastic packaging! Thanks for having me!


Daniel commented on What if single-use cups were… reusable!?

Thanks Kate,

I've just updated my idea submission. I hope I've addressed most of your questions from your previous comment.

Here are some further clarifications:
How would you get major chains on board with this idea?
The proposed new website has a function where customers request that they get involved with the communal reusable option. That way we can go to the major chains with the quantity of their customers who want it. We can also explain to them how they can save money by participating. The more reusable items that are delivered to their stores to be washed and used again, the more money they save not having to import single-use items.

You have mentioned that this solution is more expensive to vendors than disposable cups. Would you elaborate more on this?
The revised solution is cheaper than single-use cups. Unless they are purchasing local used reusable cups from other participating vendors. At the moment it is nearly impossible to wash and redistribute a reusable option for the 7-25c per single-use cups that most vendors are using. I've found that items can be washed and ready to use again for 40c per item with a high enough volume. The ability to trade reusable items between vendors as well as dishwashers will be within the functionality of the new proposed website, however it will most likely still be more expensive than importing single-use cups.

How does the dishwashing process generate income in a franchise model?
I will still be facilitating independent dishwashing businesses to operate within the network. They will generate the majority of their income by renting out collection points to workplaces. The reusable items that they collect and wash are traded within the network of participating vendors who want to top up their stock of reusable items. This generates a second revenue stream. Alternatively these businesses can offer their reusable items for waste-free events too.

If you have any other questions please let me know!

It's been an absolute blast being involved in this competition!


Daniel commented on What if single-use cups were… reusable!?

Thanks Kate Rushton 
I have just submitted my Refinement Questions via the online submission form.

I have actually altered my business model and strategy quite substantially from being involved with OpenIDEO and interacting with all these other awesome innovators and ideas! I'll edit my submission addressing your questions here shortly!

But basically I am removing all barriers for customers to choose a reusable option; providing a financial incentive for vendors to offer their existing commercial dishwasher into the network of communal reusable items; providing incentive for customers to return reusable items through a nominated return value from the participating vendors; and facilitating an accessible process for anyone to contribute reusable items into the network through their favourite vendors.