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I think it is a great initiative. I would love to be involved and to visit the team if I get the chance.

Dear Nuray,

Thank-you for your clarifications and good luck with the project.



I think this is a very important initiative and I hope the project can continue.

I just have a few comments. The first is to do with the wording of the proposal, which in places I find somewhat problematic (we don't want to feed the stereotypes that these women face). The title "Training mothers in Turkish prisons to care for their children " implies that the women do not know how to take care of their children and that others (coming from a relatively privaledged position) will tell them how to do this. I think this needs re-wording.

A similar remark re the parapgraph; "Now WIF wants to implement Phase 3 of the project called "Born Free" by training the single mother with special vocational education in the prisons and creating sustainable livelihoods for them once they leave prisons reducing the risk for them of re-offending and landing back in prison and destroying the lives of their children" - again the blame is placed on mothers for "destroying the lives of their children" - I think it needs to be re-worded, and to acknowledge the structural factors that may have contributed to this.

I think there needs to be an explanation of any support available for helping the women to get jobs after prison - this could be difficult due to their background and the economic situation in Turkey. Additionally, will there be any support with childcare while they are working? The women can posess skills but in reality, if they have to be the ones looking after their children, they may not be able to go out and earn money.

I really like the aims of the project but I think these are some real issues that should be discussed.