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Hi Valerie Aas ,
Congratulations to this incredible organization that at the core is about women and girls leadership! Do you ever partner with nearby communities in Guatemala that are also empowering women? I am on the leadership team with Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest and we work with an incredible organization called Play For Peace that gives peacebuilding opportunities to youth in conflict areas all over the world and hundreds of Clubs play Compassion Games. The Founder of Play For Peace, Sarah Gough is in Guatemala City. Is that near you? Maybe you could collaborate together. You could challenge each other through the world's largest compassion competition and be allies to make a more peaceful Guatemala together. In Compassion Games the point of being challenged is to bring communities more together and unite through service and peaceful actions in the September Global Unity Games September 9 through September 24th. Individuals and Teams report compassionate actions on a Global Report Map. Participating in the Games could be helpful for the 110 villages and many incredible women who have already gone through the program to share how over time continue to make a positive impact in communities and share individual impact stories over time. The Compassion Report Map (See here is where people reflect and share together through positive impact metrics. This could help build stronger ties village to village and empower the Q'eqchi' Maya women even deeper to contribute their experience and skills to a Global Community of peace, prosperity, planet helpers! Game On! I have some other ideas as well to support you through Charter For Compassion Women & Girls Sector. I wish you and all the women you work with great success. Thank you for inspiring me and lifting the planet in more love.
in caring community,
Sommer Joy Albertsen


Sommer commented on Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

Greg Acuna thank you so much for the support and thoughtful feedback on how we can improve. You brought up some points that I would like to speak to. The great thing about all 5 of the yearly coopetitions is that any person can simply report once or many times daily. There is no rule or expectation. It is up to the player. Looking at what you already do as a way to play can simplify your participation. Finding a group of people in your community also makes it really fun and meaningful. The Compassion Games is meant to compliment and activate inspiration for you and others.

In September we launch a new Compassionate Cities League along with an upgraded Compassion Report Map that will include advanced compassion metrics. This will address your concern about leaderboards for specific teams. It will enhance the experience of bridging the Global Community through more ways to share and celebrate. We see this Scoreboard on the Compassion Report Map as addressing your gamifying concern for the Compassion Games.

Yes, Greg it does take a great amount of risk to make change in this world. Let us be brave more and more together. Game On!


Sommer commented on Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

Hi eldy wullur this is Sommer from Compassion Games Team. I am honored to support you in organizing teams to play in the Global Unity Games in September. If you have any questions please email me. We just had a team from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia participating in Earth Week April 22 through April 30th. I would gladly connect you to her. My email is