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Paco Ohad commented on Developing Talents in Art for self-sustenance.

In order to refine the last touches I would recommend going around it as following:

· Chelsea and the team mention some interesting comments, focus on the following:
-- Education and pro-activity are fundamental parts of the project, explain the link between pride of the African culture and heritage, and ceasing to admire Western role models together with initiative and entrepreneurship may make significant changes on the long run.
-- As for the academy as a project, explain how it will run its costs and incomes. Make clear how it will sustain itself. It is possible that it will take time to cut it´s costs even, explain how long this will take if it it the case. Make sure to believe in your words and be as transparent as possible, as I know you will be.

It is possible to divide this into time segments. Perhaps start with fundamental or core parts of the project to start off with, such as theatre / training area, housing for students, feeding costs, etc. You have experience in this, it is not new to you! Next stage could be studio, restaurant, museum. However you configure it, make sure to demonstrate how the numbers work out so that it will be clear that it is viable and worth investing in.
-- End users or graduate students. These are the cause for the project to run. Explain how they will sustain themselves, how this project will have improved their livelihoods and the repercussion it had in East African society. This is tricky because entrepreneurship is extremely vast, and as diverse as imagination itself. I believe it is enough to illustrate how a graduate may use their skills. Don't forget to mention how this will contribute to society as a whole.

· Before editing anything, go back to the guidelines of the project, designing principles and winning ideas. Keep these in mind as you re-edit the text, it´s worth writing them down or printing them out. And as Chelsea Takamine mentions, revisit the Storytelling office hour if necessary.

- The prototype of 3 months is worth elaborating a little bit on. Take the scenario that you made it, and have 3 months to demonstrate that your idea works. How do you go about it. This I believe is a bonus more than a necessity.


Paco Ohad commented on Developing Talents in Art for self-sustenance.

Hi Magala,

We can really use your help :) Maybe you could answer these 2 questions for us:

What would you expect to receive from the Rockies Talent Center?

How would you envision using the talents you gain in the academy to bring income?

Thank you!


Paco Ohad commented on Developing Talents in Art for self-sustenance.

Movies can be an amazing addition and on the long run will attract foreign funding. I think it fits very well the mission of the Rockies. Mpola mpola, I'm sure we will reach everything we are aiming at.