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Kaitlin commented on OpenIDEO LA Freestyle BBQ

Hey Alex, thanks for sharing this. Would love to get involved in the LA Chapter. Hopefully we can connect!


Kaitlin commented on Creating new products from food waste

brilliant! Thanks Lotta. 


Kaitlin commented on Eat Beer: Tackling Food Waste at the Tap.

Eat Beer! I love that. A few thoughts:
"How might ReGrained turn brewing’s shadow side into a sunny garden of nutrition?"
A few follow up questions - how do the brewery's play a part in distributing Regrained products? And how could they be enlisted to become more involved allies in the process of educating their consumers about your products and incentivizing their purchase as a complementary product. 

"And how might ReGrained best prove the model for “food waste alchemy,” and demonstrate that “edible upcycling” is a viable solution for closing nutrient loops within our food system?"
I think that by proving the market for our products, we will be able to prove our concepts are viable (and profitable) business solutions that should be more widely adopted! By gathering more data on sales as well as testimonials, I think we'll be able to reach a wider audience of people who may have previously been un-believers.