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Dear Bremley, Congratulations on your fantastic idea!

I totally agree with the concept "Born Free" as this is the Basic Human Right of every individual, irrespective of their nationality, age, gender, ethnic origin, etc. It is unfortunate that these children have to begin their lives and spend their early years in prison, for no fault of theirs. Phase 3 of your project would definitely provide support, encouragement and hope for a better life and future to these women and their children. Educating the prison staff would make them more understanding in addition to being emotionally equipped in dealing with the mothers and their children.

You are right when you say that by teaching a women, the whole village would be benefitted because mothers tend to prioritise the welfare of their children. In addition, the various knowledge and skills learnt would hopefully be passed on to their children and so on, thus benefiting future generations.

I do have a few questions; You did mention that you plan to implement Phase 3 on the 7 prisons that you had selected. Are there more such prisons in Turkey? Was your selection random or did you select them based on certain criteria?

How would this benefit the woman who is serving a life sentence? What happens to her child in this situation?

Well done on Phase 1 & 2 and I wish you all the very best and success in implementing Phase 3!