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Dear Joy,

Very powerful idea, congratulations! As this is essentially dependent on a widespread 'mindset shift' around the use of crop residues, I would be interested to hear more about how you approach the issue of the necessary large scale attitude-behaviour change for this to hit scale. I am also interested in if (and if so, how) beneficiaries are playing a genuine role (being co-creators, rather than 'just' consulted in this initiative from the beginning.
As a disclaimer I have very little technical knowledge or understanding of the field but I would urge extreme geographic focus in the beginning for a prototype / pilot phase (working with one small community and very deeply engaging local stakeholders in the design and refining before thinking about scale)

I also came across another entry in this challenge with a similar theme below! focus

I also came across another entry in this challenge with a similar theme below! focus

Hello Kelly,

Regarding Q1 I would absolutely encourage you to think about scale in terms of 'scaling your impact' rather than thinking about scaling your organisation 'Found in Translation' and think about how to who would be your ideal replication and dissemination partners. HOw can you move beyond the 'direct service work' which is of course vital but which is very difficult to scale. Check out some resources around this on Some interesting models who have opted to open source their trainings and tools include Kaboom! and Aflatoun. Q)2 I don't have the specialist knowledge for I'm afraid. For Q3) Check out Phineo's Social Impact Navigator for looking at the depth / different levels of outcome to measure, it might provide some inspiration.

Good luck!

Hi Patricia,

Beautiful and important work :) Congratulations! I'd love to hear more about how you are engaging and empowering the beneficiaries to take ownership, leadership and governance in shaping the community. Regarding your first challenge on sustainable business model, I would also ask on what is your 'exit strategy' and how can instead of looking to become sustainable pass on all of your knowledge and impact onto other local organisations who can take it on and deliver it more cheaply (universities etc?). Recommend you check out for an organisation who have developed a very lean and digitalised incubation model in low resource areas. Your second and third questions might be inter-connected :) You might know them but also check out Gaza Sky Geeks who have had some good success attracting investors, often on 'learning journeys'. I feel like the best source of funding for this are high net worth individuals passionate about entrepreneurship in such markets, for this one also a big target could / should be diaspora check out Ashoka's approach to attracting and giving identity to individual supporters at, also check out Endeavor's way of doing this. As a footnote we are more than happy to plug any of your young entrepreneurs who have a 'social element' to their work into our international network. I'm also interested if your strategic choice to brand so internationally (with website in English etc) affects your ability to reach the most marginalised / those who don't speak English ?