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Laura commented on Gratigame: The Game Where the Most Grateful Win!

Hello Bethel,
I like the way you add the game concept for this challenge. I believe it would motivate employees to create a fun image. The process however might create a big workload and employers might avoid from embracing the idea. Do you have a suggestion to prevent that? Thanks a lot for your contribution.


Laura commented on Job rotation:a trigger of gratitude

Hi Millicent, this idea can be really useful in order to create a deeper empathy among employees. In work places, most people criticize others' work without having an holistic understanding of what they do or how they do it. This system would provide a new perspective for everyone help them understand and appreciate their coworkers' efforts. But this system might be seen as an inefficient way for management teams since the adaptation to a new area and training would take time. I think the biggest obstacle is to convince the management team. Do you have any suggestions for that? Thanks,


Laura commented on Day-off-Party

Joseph, I like the idea of a dedicated day for the happiness of employees and giving opportunity for them to spend some time with colleagues and employers. However, I think Alex's questions should be taken into account for a further development. It might not be so effective in terms of organizations. The balance is very crucial.