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Alexa commented on Trash to Treasure: 3D Printing with Reclaimed Plastic

Hi Samanth, have you talked to people that have tried this yet? We have seen it tried in Tanzania and the main problem is that the plastic remains too dirty to go smoothly through the 3D printer - you need a lot of energy to wash, chop and melt the plastic to work as smoothly as the virgin plastic. Also, you are then creating more plastic that has to be collected and recycled and ultimately thrown away, how could you improve recycling rates?


Alexa commented on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Paricha Duangtaweesub there is so much we can do! We lobby, and clean the beach, and promote a zero waste life and civil society campaigning for cleanliness. We are not sitting around doing nothing :)


Alexa commented on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Hey! I live in Tanzania and my husband owns and runs his own recycling business - as we have talked and worked in and with the waste business we have come to see how broken the system is and how difficult it is to make a real difference. My husband often points to stuff that will never be recycled because it is too small. We have one organisation here that works to clean up and raise awareness, but Coke sponsors it! So they don't raise awareness of how bad Coke is being :(

Otherwise - people are really poor. Too poor sometimes to pay for their own trash collection, and too poor and uninformed and uneducated to know about the environment and what is happening. They want small cheap products high in sugar and sold in small quantities so that they only pay from their day wage for a single serving - so they like it when they can have a small coke in a plastic bottle, or small wrapped sweets or a single sachet of clothes washing powder. One thing that is very sad is that they buy in bulk (sugar, rice, flour, laundry soap) which is great, but the shopkeepers give out very thin black plastic bags to take the products home in (recycled from the thicker plastic bags!!) - these bags break after one use and then people drop them in the drains. These drains flood and we have problems with Cholera and then finally the bags and other plastics wash into the ocean and cover the beach. Then I go with the NGO and clean up the beach -uurg.