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Ryan commented on Natural Waste Management

I am a big believer in this project! I have spent almost 5 years in Dar es Salaam, and in my experience I believe that the spin-offs of this undertaking can be huge for the general populace!

1. The addition of extra protein to the diet of the poor and malnourished will help reduce the level of malnourishment in children due to their poor diets, leading to healthier, smarter children. Leading to better school results, university acceptance, etc etc etc. This long term positive effects of this development can certainly help to enable people to break the cycle of poverty.

2. I currently run two companies in Dar and I often struggle with how regularly many of my staff fall ill (and I know it's not just my companies that struggle with this dilemma). The prevalence of black soldier flies helps push out other disease carrying flies, and hence, can assist in creating a cleaner, healthier environment, and hence, healthier people. Less time off sick means, more work, more pay, more successful companies, improved GDP, job development etc etc etc.

The pro's of this project can have such an unbelievable benefit for the people who need it most, and it can potentially be done without the need for a huge investment. In my mind, this is a no-brainer and needs to be supported!