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Yasith commented on NIKE (BUMP AND) GRIND PLATES

Hey Covington, Tammy, and Mark,

Congratulations and this is a great product and super cool presentation. I like how you presented the concept focusing on the storytelling aspect. I have a small question, have you thought about manufacturing and product perspectives?
1. Will there be any waste or environmental impact in converting Nike Grind rubber to bump plates?
2. How are you planning to ship the product? is it going to be sold separately so that the user can purchase weights and bump plates separately and attach by themselves? if so, wouldn't it be great to explain the design in bit more detail?
3. Were you able to make a prototype using similar materials? what were the learnings from the process as well as from the prototype itself?


Yasith commented on RECOVER

Hey Kevin and Anthony,

This looks like a good idea and congratulations on the research you have done. I have a couple of questions

1. Is there any specific value of using Nike Grind materials to build seats or is it same as any EVA material?
2. Were you able to do any experiments with the material, if so, what were the learnings?
3. Moreover, would you consider giving these chairs a specific shape or unique look an feel (so that it stands out from the rest of the recycle chairs)?


Yasith commented on Chindi—Handmade accessories using recycled yarn

Are there any waste in yarn making process or can you use 100% of the Nike Grind material?