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Melissa commented on Midwives on track

Hi Aurel Avramescu !

Your prototype and frames look great! Very inspiring to see the progress on your idea.

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback on my idea.

After exploring in depth the research that you have done, one idea to promote the resource came to mind. Feel free to build on this or don't at all but :) I think it would be great if others could add to your list of resources and reading. The most simple and easy way I could see this being done is by creating a blog focused on education/resources for mothers with RA. I would create a blog post for each category (sex, breastfeeding and medication, etc.) and simply copy and paste what has been said in the report. This way the valuable information in the report can be easily accessed by more people. I would also recommend allowing other users to "submit posts" or leave comments that you could approve. These submissions could be tagged under the correlating categories.
I am more than willing to help you set this up :) Feel free to reach out. I hope this helps.

Hi Kate,

Thanks for reaching out. I have some answers for the questions you previously asked but was wondering what contribution section it would be appropriate to include these in?

How would your idea account for the fact that health care professional are extremely busy?
We have a few ideas for how we can make the app accessible for busy healthcare professionals but we're hoping to get feedback from advisors to make a more informed decision. Our assumption is that HCP would actually save time by communicating with patients and their treatment team through the app, instead of spending valuable time contacting others by phone or email.

For example, if a mother were to receive medical advice from their family doctor and want to confirm this recommendation with her OBGYN, instead of the mother or family doctor calling the OB-GYN, the mother could ask the question through the app and the OB-GYN could quickly “like” and show their support for the family doctors advice.

What barriers are there to providing a connected system between patients, providers and support networks?
A barrier we were encountering is understanding the legality of having a patients medical records on an app and sharing these records with multiple people. After talking to advisors we have a better understanding of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and what medical information can be stored on the app.

Mothers can upload and input their own medical information to the app, but it cannot be retrieved from other hospitals or doctor’s office’s database systems. We also learned that ensuring privacy and safety of mother’s data on the app is a top priority. So encrypting the data stored will be extremely important.

What component is a solution to the most pressing problem?
The main component of the app is the group messaging feature that allows everyone involved in a mother's pregnancy to have open communication. This feature would decrease the amount of conflicting advice mothers receive from their HCP and provide. Understanding how to successfully implement this feature has also proven to be the most complicated in planning out. We’ve received feedback that creating the cross-communication feature will be really challenging b

Current Challenges:
A big challenge we're facing right now is figuring out who would buy the app/communication service. Possible customers could be RA specialists, OBGYN’s, hospitals or healthcare systems.