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Hi Ulricke, in the mainly rural place I live in Canada there are many German speaking people who've settled here. The young woman in Berlin who is making the radio show, her great uncle lived in the facility I worked at. She sent him a copy of her demo show to see if it might work with people here. Often when people get dementia they revert to their original language. Because they knew I was interested in alternative approaches others were using, the demo came to me. And we started to correspond. She also told me about a friend of her's who was making dvds for people with dementia as well. I did try to contact her a year or so ago but didn't hear anything back although we had corresponded for awhile. I strongly believe my concept can be adapted to many countries using 'local photographers/videographers' shooting local places and musicians writing new music but adapted to local tastes. I also met a woman from Salzburg at a conference, Vera Brandt with whom I had some very interesting conversations and correspondence. So I have some insight into what's happening in your part of the world.


Lynda commented on HOME screen for TV

Hi Kate, I have created an You Tube channel as an alternative to tv. Connection through your device would certainly simplify my process. Please check out my Luminotions idea or go to Let me know what you think?

Ulricke, We might be on the same page. Please check out my Luminotions idea. Here is sample of a video I made for staff training to encourage and support empathy and compassion. Maybe we can work together. I was connected to some young women in Berlin who were working on making radio and videos but not particularly in this area.