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Dear Linda,

Thank you very much for your comment. You're absolutely right; in providing single mothers with the necessary skills to maintain financial sustainability, they are given the opportunity to strike a new path in life. To add on what Nuray says, our team believes that no one should be left behind, therefore we intend to increase the project's positive impact on the single mothers' and their families' living conditions In the upcoming phase.

Dear Mumtaz,

Thank you very much for your comment. To add on what Nuray says, in phase 3 we will be focusing on accelerating the project's progress, in particular regarding the mothers' financial situation. Training single mothers in prison with special vocational education will definitely improve their opportunities to reach financial stability. Not only will they find it easier to set foot in the business world, but they'll also be more confident in their abilities and optimistic regarding their future. Being able to believe in themselves and witnessing their own educational upgrading will ensure an optimistic and resilient mindset, which will ultimately lead to a healthier relationship with their children.

Dear Aida,

Thank you for this beautiful comment... You are totally right. Actually, in order to connect with people at the human level, we need to be able to understand the perspectives, emotions, and motivations of others. We will also be focusing on these attitudes.

After a fresh restart, mother and children should only believe in themselves. By believing themselves, they can make a real social impact, succeed above & beyond...

Many thanks!