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Andre Raditya commented on Plastic Zero - Using a Shape Memory Polymer (SMP)

Great idea Jessi! However, I think you got it wrong with the reshaping of this material. This material hardens under a certain temperature, and softens over a certain temperature. If you want to change its shape from the permanent shape to the temporary shape and vice versa, you always have to reheat it, reshape it, then cool it down. I think it's not really feasible in hot environment because it softens the material and turns it back to the permanent shape. Still, you can use this material for an array of purposes that doesn't involve hot environment.


Andre Raditya commented on Biodegradable Cassava Packaging

This is such a great idea to solve our issue with plastic which is oil-based and non-biodegradable. Petroleum production and products present us with a huge pollution problem, especially water pollution. I wish it can be implemented in the future to lessen the impact of our lifestyle on nature.

However, I can see a problem in its sustainability. I noticed that they still use plastic for labelling the product. I hope they will reinspect their value chain and eliminate this problem by using biodegradable packaging. If they can solve this problem, it will be truthfully zero-waste.