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First of all congrats for your environmentally sensitive and creative thinking. I really like the communications materials, they are very understandable and appealing. However I have concerns about the economical sustainability of the project. In your research you also mentioned that production with organic fertilizers is more expensive than using chemical fertilizers. Is giving organic home waste to farmers enough to close the price gap between organic and non-organic production? I guess the production with organic fertilizers is also a slower process than the commercialized way. Is the how many times you can harvest the same for both types of production? In the end what I want to say is: Is it profitable enough for small local farmers to abondon their ways and adopt the circular system. 
Another difficulty might be about the infrastructure. I am guessing that there will be one type of supermarket who will accept the organic waste and will also purchase from those farmers. Will it make farmers dependent to one single buyer? However having more buyers might make the system more profitable: let's say the farmer can sell the half of what he produced to the heart brain market with lower prices thanks to their fertilizer contribution, and sell half of the production to other organic good markets for the average market prices. That way it might become a more profitable business model.
Another concern for the infrastructure would be the storage of the compost. The supermarket will take them and store them somewhere for a while. There is a danger of spillage even if the bag itself is sealed. Especially when the supermarket needs to store them on top of each other. That would release the worms and flies into the supermarket which the customers won't be to happy about. But of course this is something rather easy to avoid, not a huge problem. 
I am sorry if I was too money focused but I believe for a system to work, it should work money wise first. Because it is how the system actors makes their life. If there is no gain for the, there is no reason to be involved. This can work for volunteering based small community gardens but to scale up an economical gain is needed. Maybe I was too exposed to start-up pitches and lost my my thinking that puts sustainability first.
I wish lots of luck and success for you! Looking forward to hear more about heart brain farm :)