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Joan your absolutely right about Capacitar. It is attractive because it is interactive and has the possibility of breaking down barriers they may exist between individuals or even members of different tribes. That's because Capacitar is a neutral tool in addressing trauma as well as all trauma. It would be good for women who gave birth to a still born child, to help her in this time of sorrow. Or Women who are pregnant and fearful of the process as well as all ages, young children through adults. I hope one day I will be able to meet the people of South Sudan and share this healing approach to trauma. I'm mindful too of the catechetical work Sr. Annette just comepleted in May. She managed to get to so many people in eleven days . I do think that outreach is the approach that will be needed to serve the people of South Sudan, and what a combo it would be to accompany her in her ministry and add the Capacitar after a day of input.

As someone who has been trained in Capacitar I really do see the impact that it can make. I use it every week here in Milwaukee with older sisters. It relaxes them and helps them to really experience touch in healthy and wholesome ways. Trauma work is important particularly in South Sudan because students cannot concentrate if they do not feel some relief from the surroundings and something that creates a capacity for safety and healing. I also know that the team goes to where the need is. Capacitar is one way to bring healing to others, there is not the need to carry a lot of documents or books to offer this training. In the African culture it is really accomplishable. Because Africans are an oral people they will learn these skills quickly and retain them. This is part of the beauty of Capacitar Trauma Training. It is portable so to speak. It is about respecting space of individuals as well as well mindfulness. It strenghtens one's possibility of healing. I pray that more people can share the gift that is Capacitar so that healing will take place in the country and spread through its own people.

The beauty of this program is that it helps to break down ethnic barriers since the student body is comprised of men and women from the diverse ethnic groups. This can only help to bring peace to this country. And of course, education is one way in which barriers can be taken down. Good Job.