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Tiffany commented on All Hands-On Deck

Hi Courtney and team,

Regarding the need to understand the cost for sending kits to students, have you thought about reaching out to corporate sponsors? This would lower the cost of acquiring items for the kits, and it may even align with companies' CSR goals. Ex: Reaching out to GE to donate lightbulbs or Duracell to donate batteries.


Tiffany commented on Pnutek

Hi Rahul and team,

Some questions about your user journey:
2. They scan the notes into our app and select a song they like based on the soundtrack or appear in karaoke form (Would this app be accessible to both iPhone and Android users?)
3. The app will sing the notes to the students in their favorite tune or students will sing their notes as they appear on the screen (Do you plan to provide the option to limit the length of the notes/song? Ex: if one page of notes = a 10 minute song and you want to leave out some irrelevant notes)

I think this is a very interesting idea, but I am concerned about its limits in terms of which subject areas would work best for this app. It would work well for, say, an anatomy student memorizing the muscles, but what about an economics student who needed to study graphs of supply and demand? It would be great if there was a way to convert images/graphs to written language.


Tiffany commented on S2T2S O2O2O2O

Hi William and team,

A couple of thoughts/questions.
One of the appeals of class evaluations/rating websites like Rate My Professor as Angelis shared, is that the students can be anonymous when sharing their feedback. In the platform you are suggesting, would students be able to retain this element of anonymity? Furthermore, what would the incentives for students be/what would make them willing to contribute? It can be hard enough as is getting students to fill out evaluations at the end of the semester. And lastly, what if students have differing opinions about how an aspect of the course/major should be changed? How would the teacher rectify this conflict?