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It is so sad that the Germany authorities does not take time to identify the potential and resources that the Immigrant have so that they can invest on what they have rather than trying to Import labour from neighbouring countries to do the same Jobs what the Immigrant could do and do it very well becouse the resources used to Import could be very well utilised to equip the People living here so that they can be of benefit to Germany and as well as their children and entire communities in their Country of origin.  The Project will really cater for this Problem of Inclusion and social inequality which truly the German authority has not found a way or a sollution on how to deal with the Problem as stated by our friend Josefa. good luck

For  along time African refugees in Germany have never gotten to a Chance to get to normal well paid Jobs becouse of many hinderance one of them being German language which the Job agency here in Germany use as weighing scale to measure  someones  capability which I find very unfare becouse many of African people  have come with alot of resources one of them being they can speak more than one language, they also have different Levels of education,  some attended even universities in their respective countries othes went to Colleges and others even have specific fields where they majored in but becouse of the language barrier they have ended up in low paying Jobs which make them like slaves of social welfare System here in Germany.  But we thank God for this Programme that  has come to help African refugees regardles of which Country or Religion one come from.

This is a Highlight and upportunity to help the refugees and especially African who has been denied this Chance for a Long time that the coming Generation will not suffer social inequality in the Society what their parents went through since they left their countries becouse of war etc.  I see a future out of this idear as it become realised becouse families will become selfsufficent and self indipendent and this will help to remove Stigma of social classes that is created when a Group of People does not have a sense of belonging in the Society.  At the same time when I look at the diversity of this great idea when the African refugees get equiped they can also develop the communities into which they come from in their respective countries and this will help the poor healthy Systems in Africa to improve.  May this great dream come to pass.