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Thank you IDEO experts for your constructive critics. Below is our plan to address them :

****** "I am wondering feasibility may depend on the cost including secure of electricity or battery".

Depending on the location and availability of resources, activities can be set-up on a smaller or larger scale. To start, electronics like micro-processors/controllers, small sensors runs on small batteries packed like 2 'AA' in size. The most energy consuming appliances are projectors and laptops. However, pico-projectors and modern laptops have their own quite sturdy battery packs (at average up to 4 hs) which allows us to get by without electricity for a while.
To still use electricity, we could either use home-made solar power or 12V battery from motors or cars. An additional idea of this initiative is to teach people to be resourceful - use what you have and make something extraordinary with proper guidance. The costs are none to very minimal in running the equipment for Digital - Crycus.

*** How might this offering be applied in scenarios where beneficiaries are scattered, or not located in a centralized area ?
Even better if the beneficiaries are scattered. This can create a healthy competition between communities in form of show of art and talent ( 'Mela' - Hindi for cultural Fair ). The intervention aims at bringing communities (same or different) together to set-up, watch, play, appreciate and learn from each other. The set-up can be arranged in smaller/large scale almost everywhere (indoors/outdoors at nights). However, we do need to take budget and social-cross cultural impact and concerns into consideration while involving such fun based competition within communities. The Crycus is only an enabler to create communities to progress with help of each other. .

Hi Balint,
Thanks for the link. The Connected Education program very well aligns to the idea we proposing. We see the UN program is a long term extension and the progression of the Crycus. To keep our model lean and clean, throught Crycus, we plan only to introduce and create curiosity for STEM education through showing the possibilities through medium of Art (entertainment). We call this Edutainment. The UN program can now build upon the interest for open-source/easy learning solutions that Crycus created among adults and kids alike to create and implement a long term strategy to equip and train further.