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Lesley commented on Mush- the app to connect mothers

Hi Katie Massie-Taylor I love this!! There’s such a need for creating a village around new moms, especially since fewer and fewer live near family anymore. I have a PR and marketing background and would love to chat to help Mush grow. Ever since I suffered from PPD after having my daughter in 2011 I’ve had a similar idea for connecting women starting in pregnancy - I’d love to chat if you’re willing.


Lesley commented on "Motherhood Moth: A Shame-busting Storytelling Event"

Hi Alexandra Sacks ! I am a survivor of PPD and Postpartum anxiety who loves this idea - I have looked below and saw someone already suggested you talking to This is my Brave - have you connected with The founder yet? If not I can hel with that too. Also check out Listen To Your Mother - seems very much on the same vein as what you are creating and is performed in a franchise type of way all around the country every year. I’d love to connect though - and tell my story if possible! - and brainstorm how to get this project out there further.

Hi Adriana Pentz I am a survivor of PPD and anxiety turned advocate and peer supporter. I live in N.J. now but was born and raised in WP so you’re hitting very close to home for me! So glad to see that this resource exists for moms in Westchester and would love to help om any way I can. I come from a background in public relations / Mktg so couldnhelp with ideas on how to get the word out more to expand the group (guarantee there are tons of moms suffering that aren’t aware of the group yet based on the numbers cited above! Let’s find them!) and ensuring your reaching every part of an extremely diverse county. Also regarding your training and model, I work to train peer support group facilitators via Bloom Maternal Wellness. Your model of in-Home visits gives me pause from both sides - moms suffering generally would be extremely put off by having someone come to their disheveled home - I would love to hear how those pilot ones have gone! - and the potential crisis scenario which always has to be top of mind in this field. I’d love to discuss ways to minimize those risks and barriers if you’re open to it!