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Dear Rosie,
Thank you very much for your time and your feedbacks particulary about wording and how it sounded and created an impression we never meant. Since this is a draft, we will try take care of it at later stages. About childcare support for mothers: In Turkey, there are several different support mechanims availablefor pre school children such as reimbursement of nanys’ salaries from government or nurseries that can be accessed even if you are on minimum wages. I cant say that these mechanisms work perfect and cover mothers and kids needs. that is why we try to include as much stakeholders as we can, so we could probide more support for childcare and other issues in Phase3. For instance, we hope that municipialities(local governments in project implementation areas) will be a huge asset and help mothers for childcare in their facilities by prioritizing. As for the jobs, we hope that Phase 3 of our project itself will create job opportunities for them and they could even be entrepreneurs in the ecovillage environment we will provide to them. Thank you again for your inputs and comments.

Dear Aida,
Thank you very much for your valuable feedbacks. You described mothers’ and kids’ insights very well. If we can proceed with Phase3, the social impact to be created will be increased a lot since we directly affected their lives afterwards prison. Thank you again

Dear Maarja,

Thank you very much for your questions and valuable inputs. You expressed exactly the mothers' situation. When they leave the prison, they are with empty pockets and there are not so many funds available for them. If they are willing to start a small business, Turkish government has some kind of funding for exoffenders who wants to be an entrepreneur but it is very difficult for them to prepare the proposals and other necessary materials without proper advisory support. Also in Turkey, labor law dictate big enterprises must hire exoffenders by calculating a ratio according to the full employment they created. If they dont obey the law, there are penalty fees. So far this did not work very well, because most companies prefer paying the penalty instead of hiring exoffenders. They think of them as a risk so this brings us to the entrepreneurship topic again. That is why we are trying to help them to start their own businesses. Ideally social enterprises would be great for these mothers but in Turkish Trade Law, social enterprise is a new concept. Its business model exists under the roof of other types of entities(such as associations, foundations, cooperations) and this complicates things from the perspectives of tax and other legal issues. Basically, social enterprise is seen as a standard company and pays taxes and other compulsory governmental fees such as insurance etc. despite the fact that its aim is not generating profit to the partners. Because of all, we planned this project to help them with all these issues and as a foundation we could also use our entity as a roof for them to start their businesses and it will help overcoming all these challenges. Thank you.