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Jon commented on Compassion Education Corps

It's good to see the Charter for Compassion contributing a Compassion Education Corps to this challenge. By establishing a "Compassion Response Network" through a Compassion Education Corp you ensure that the emergency situation is informed by compassionate action. It is often challenging when relief workers come together in response to a crisis. Compassion is the glue that binds the response team together and transcends ideologies and philosophies. It is a transliteracy that everyone can relate to. The Charter for Compassion and its programs offer a unifying framework from which emergency responses can be organized and delivered. Given the breadth and depth of the Charter's network that we know of directly, we can see this being an innovative creative solution.


Jon commented on Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

Thank you for the expert feedback and the complete OpenIDEO experience to date. We have summarized our experiences to date in a document we have attached to our idea. You can link to the Improve Phase summary document here.

We wanted to reply and provide an answer a question contained in the expert feedback. The questions was:

“How do you ensure that the main focus is on the needs of the recipient and not the person practicing compassion? I would like to know how the recipient of these compassionate acts is brought into the process and has a say on the compassion 'being done' to them. Otherwise my concern is that it might give the impression of an unequal power dynamic rather than the intended empowerment and collaboration”

Thank you for this thoughtful feedback question. We think we understand the issue raised by the expert. The Compassion Games emphasize that empathy into action is the vital foundation of compassionate action. We will continue to convey and strengthen this message. As we build opportunities for people to connect and share their compassionate actions via the Compassion Report Map, social media, etc., we will see more peer-to-peer dialogue and conversations emerge about the actions and their impact. Thus, the conversation about compassion will deepen, and participants, recipients, and observers will exchange feedback and learn from each other in a win-win environment. In addition, strategies will be developed to encourage and support participants to obtain, and share input and feedback from recipients of their compassionate action(s).

The complete summary of our Improve Phase is in the following document


Jon commented on Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

Thank you Lisa! This sounds really exciting and a great fit for the Games! We are finishing up the deliverables for the Improve Phase that is due on Friday. We have come to really appreciate and embrace OpenIDEO and the community. Please let us know how we can be most supportive!