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Simone commented on The Food Trooper Smart Tool Kit

That's what we believe as well. Thank you, Raig!


Simone commented on The Denise

Bonjour Élyse!

I love La Denise, wish I had one in my house. But you know how NYC apartments are, barely have room for  2 people to move around as it is.

I am part of the team that created " The Food Trooper Smart Tool Kit"
Food Trooper focuses on kids to raise their awareness of food waste and to instill change in the future generation of food consumers.

Within the effort of teaching kids how to waste less food I think La Denise could be a great resource to somehow be included in the Smart Tool Kit. Maybe as as prize for winner's parents? I am sure they  would be more willing to participate if they knew this was the prize coming their way. :)

Do you have any idea on how much La Denise would cost in US dollar?

Please share your thoughts,
Simone Rubio


Simone commented on The Food Trooper Smart Tool Kit

Thank you for your words Antero!