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Tenna commented on Gantabya - The Talking Destination

Hi Sonika,

Thanks for your response. I see what you mean (and I wish I could draw a little drawing and attach the comment). But I still think, the culture changing is an important part of the solution (Need: From ignoring disabled to engaging with and helping disabled): My idea is to have a marked (standing) area in the bus, where you can stand, if you want to help a diabled person OR you are a disabled person who needs help - it has to be very clear with signs or pictograms, that if you stand here, its because you want to help. In that way its hard to say no, if a diabled person asks for your help there.
In that way you can start building a community of culture changers - not just inside the busses, but outside aswell. Make a communication campaign that supports this need - a campaign that engages people. In Denmark we have a bureau called Kadaver (=corpse...) and they worked with the Copenhagen busses to make a bustrip a better experience - check them out: (sorry its in Danish - but there is pictures and a video:)).
Im not suggesting that it should be either tech or low tec - Im suggesting that you consider using both solutions. So my advise would be: Find a creative (and experienced engager) communications person to team up with.

Good wind with the project!:)



Tenna commented on Gantabya - The Talking Destination

Say... Rabin talks about changing the culture. Maybe a simple low key solutions could be that is a special area in the bus is for disabled people OR people making themselves available for helping disabled. Hopefully this could build a helping community.