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Angel commented on GIRL EFFECT

good project!

Thanks for your comments Kate.

I am an Architect and Urban Planner, graduated from the National University of Mexico and the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (Spain). Since 2010, I have been working with the Masters of Water and Environmental Management at Queretaro University, implementing social and environmental projects on rural communities of Mexico. Principally with the PhD Raul Pineda, who is the director of the Master.

Since then, we have won some important prizes with the communities we have empowered.
-On 2011, Our project an "Environmental Learning Center (in La Joya, Queretaro) for Rural Communities" was awarded by the Mexican Landscape Architects Society as the best landscape architecture project.
- 2013 we were Awarded by the Major of Queretaro with the "State Ecology Prize" with the project “La Carbonera, a sustainable Community” the iniciative consisted in the transformation of a waste land into a sustainable park, then with a group of women that we empowered through social technologies to produce local products and export them. (
-On 2014, I was distinguished with the "Sherpa" Award by the Civil Association "Gen M" of Queretaro, thanks to the social trajectory I have been developing.
-2015 PhD Raul Pineda was distinguished with the " Jose Ignacio Ruiz Calado" Medal, because his support to water and environmental projects in Queretaro.

This project specifically is impulsed and coordinated by me, the PhD Raul Pineda who is now the Chief of the Academic and Institutional Planning at Queretaro University. MsC Enrique Sosa, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa and PhD Raúl Iturralde, director of CONCYTEQ (State Council of Science and Technology).
We are involving the Scientific and Academic Community from the three Institutions to implement and support the technology and scientific projects in the Slums.

The status of this project is on an early stage but we already have worked together with the community of Epigmenio Gonzales Area, realizing a diagnostic of the main violence problems in the area through interviews, focal discussion groups and participatory design workshops, etc.
At the same time we conformed a net of kids and young people from the neighborhoods that are the ones who will support the projects in the future. There is no point on having good ideas of there is not a local community willing to support them. We having working with the conformation of a net of scientist, academics and professionals from the three institutions that are going to implement the technological projects with the people. One of our goals is to transform the academics into urban activist.

Last week I presented the idea in a Symposium at the European Parliament organized by CONACYT (Mexican Council of Science and Technology) and they probable will support the initiative too in a later stage.

There are two strategies for our project, In the first place, a master plan will be proposed to improve the spatial and urban conditions of the neighborhood. Secondly, the construction of “Social Lab” an architectural public space where science is linked with the community. The aim of this project is not to establish science diffusion programs but to do science in the neighborhood, establishing a series of productive projects for social inclusion and economic development. Helping the people to themselves change their reality and improve the quality of life in the peripheries.

With these two strategies we want to tackle the high levels of Crime and Violence, bring peace, and reduce the inequity in all urban peripheries of the city. Rescuing kids with high risk to join the crime gangs and preventing them from drug addictions too. We should not forget that “knowledge” is a powerful tool we can give to change their own reality and have access to university education and formal jobs.