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Nigel commented on Death plan

Hi Marije, I found this video on the interwebs. He talks about using your funeral, who you want at your funeral and what you want them to say as a planning tool for life. Check it out if you get some time :


Nigel commented on Death plan

Hi Marije,
I love the idea of a death plan. 
The parallels with birth plans and the processes of how we celebrate birth, babies and life are great.
We are all introduced to babies and birth from when we are very young. There are all sorts of children's stories talking about super babies, children, life and stuff, but not death. 
I wonder if, to be able to see death as the amazing thing it is, we need to treat it as we do life. 
Perhaps we need to include death more in children's stories, movies, culture, so that death becomes an equal and valuable part of life and not just the end.
Like a life plan, career plan, birth plan, we should integrate the death plan and change it from being a slightly taboo subject to being an acceptable and celebrated part of everyone's lives.
I realise that it's quite a big ask. But perhaps, with the goal of making death an equally significant part of life, it will enable us to alter how we approach the end of life of ourselves and our loved ones.
Thanks for your inspiration.