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Helen commented on B~Energy

Would it be better of you can custom our exercise plan according to our age and health condition? It is good to exercise but exercising too much can be harmful as well!
As this device is encouraging people to work out more but not work out right, it may cause some troubles if people work too much in order to get the discount and donation.
It would be better if people are rewarded in turns of the quality of exercise they have according to their existing health condition.
Besides, it would be good if the info can be used for health medicial care, as well as the insurance calculation!

It would be better if it allows people to choose the language. It is even better to include the units tranlastion like the kg to lb.
It would be more comprehensive to have video on the site as well.

It can be used to in the gym. Sometimes, there is just one TV bwtween the exercising machine. If we can use it to compete between and choose the program to be played on TV would be great!
Besides, it is better to be more than TV. Less and less people are watching TV in these days. This can be used in the computer or orher means.