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Anna commented on Being in the Moment

Hi Karen,
This is a wonderful idea, I wish I'd had this years ago as my family cared for my grandmother... but that was pre-Internet, haha.... From personal experience I know that family caregivers can be woefully unprepared — not just in terms of skill sets, but also emotionally and psychologically — for the entire experience. Many of us must completely learn anew (or from scratch) how to interact with a seemingly “childlike” person in an empathetic manner that maintains his/her dignity. I completely agree that videos and shareable media can be a lot easier for overwhelmed caregivers to digest and put into action than, say, hefty tomes, or even recommendations at the doctor's office.

You mentioned that you’re looking for input on Site/Portal Design, so here are my two top thoughts:

With regards to the forum part of the site (you mention there would be a place for caregivers to share knowledge)... I found a site called CareNShare ( through the Parables of Care: Using comics to share dementia care good practice and enhance empathetic and creative dementia care  idea submission. Have you seen it? It might give some ideas about how to collect a database of knowledge...

You indicated that this site is mainly targeted to caregivers who are seeking solutions to everyday issues. This is an ideal scenario for maximizing your SEO (search engine optimization, arranging your site in a manner that allows it to come up prominently when people search for specific terms or phrases), so that when people turn to Dr. Google ("How can I get Dad to use walker?"), they find your site in the search results. For that purpose, it could be helpful to have the website categories/pages/subheadings arranged more around the types of questions/concerns they have, while consolidating the background info about your organization (who we are, what we do, contact) into somewhere less prominent but no less accessible. Constructing a questionnaire for your caregiver audience asking about top questions/keywords they have had at different stages of their loved one’s dementia could help you get started on that...

Thanks, Kate Rushton !

Kate Rushton  Hi! I've edited the submission, but for the "Full Description" part, I sent you a Word document via email, and included the link to Github above. I was unable to upload the Word file via attachment for some reason :-( Please let me know if you don't receive it or I should try something else! Thanks!