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Max commented on Future School

 Joi Ito makes a good point that AI spans so many disciplines and thus cant be left to one organization to manage. But rather we need all segments of humanity to collaborate and shape it. Like any technology it's neutral. However I see how its being used right now by some people and their profit driven organizations and I'ts not in everyone's best interest.

Curriculum content can be anything. I gamify boring content, like the big 3: reading, writing and math. Those are skills that need to be practiced and the foundation of future learning.
As for other media I have experimented with it all. Step 1 is showing the kids that the media is out there, Step 2 is training them to find the information that they need to solve their current task or problem. The biggest challenge is training kids to maintain task focus, this will be the AI's job, to train Focus.

"Could you imagine AI allowing you to meet people on the other side on the world when you were learning about some historic moment in the past?" that's a cool idea!

Andres Felipe Vera Ramirez , Here is where I need your help. The largest input for future school is the Global Feed Input. Can you imagine how Open Media Lab could be "pluged in" to an education facility like Future School.

(FYI. Future School is only 10% of the education we need for future generations. 90% needs to be done by other organizations. )

Yes...for sure the preference algorithms are pretty common models. But they wont be sufficient, we will just subroutines or called as functions. The core of the program is the Future School Ideology. So for example the students get a maximum of 15 minutes of AR a day, they have to select something from there personalized curriculum. They can even watch other students AR creations. There are many possibilities.


Max commented on OPEN Media Lab

"reimagining a higher education, and a society at the same time." - @Andres Felipe Vera Ramirez

This is how powerful a force we are playing with. Keep it OPEN and point it at global sustainability. And enjoy the ride. Cause my guess is 168 years (6 more generations+-gen) to get to full (99%) planetary stable.