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Max commented on Starting point for your idea analysis.

Hello Susan,
What do you at CHU now?


Max commented on Future School - Update: Feb 27 APP - User Interface

Team ,So we have run 3 projects through the Future School prototype APP cards. Image 7 from above is what we tested. There are 12 different ways to initialize a project through FS, we tested 3 of them.

1) Imagination "What do you want to build?"  Free build electromechanical class (ages 8-16). The results were terrible, the kids thought the cards were useless and confusing. They didn't "get" the understanding of the of roleplaying an APP with paper cards. Despite their inability to use the cards, we did collect a lot of info about how students approach creative building and learning. All of which will be incorporated in the APP. I feel they would have engaged better with a functioning APP. 

2)By Action "one hour challenge" Ages  10-13. This was a very straight forward test. Students just had to select an activity to do based on the APPs suggestions. Again, there was very little APP prototype engagement.  A basic function APP would have led them to more relevant options. We used a google search to makeup for the APPs lack of functionality.  

3) Synthesis (solve a problem) Adults age 30-50 . We wanted to create a machine that would control weeds in organic rice crops, and thus prevent poisonous herbicide chemicals from being sprayed into the environment.  This was the most productive test of the APP prototype cards. We learned a lot and developed the APP to 6 levels of depth in the process. The results also were real world and the solution we came up with was a great first step to solving the problem. We also developed a results feedback system for the APP and expanded the APP cards from 14 to 63. At this point we have outgrown a paper APPs functionality (and destroyed a few in the mud...haha)  

I think the next step is to get the real APP functioning and testing it with more projects. Based on the 3 projects, I would estimate that after about 100 projects the APP will be 80% functional.

Does anyone know how to build APPs? Or know some one who would be interested in helping us?

PS. here is a link to a video of the 3rd project result.¬if_id=1490833647834997


Max commented on Future School - Update: Feb 27 APP - User Interface

Team , here is our target. I would love to take a bite out of Monsanto. They should fund the Paddy Rover project, as much funding as we need, no strings attached. It's cleanup effort cash, for the past 30 years of corporate pollution. It's a win/win.