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In a couple of ways....... 1) because food waste is the 3rd largest source of greenhouse gas emissions/contributor to climate change; and the negative impact of climate change is contributing to civil unrest/wars, and will continue to do so as we compete for scarce precious resources. OLIO directly addresses this because it is reducing the amount of food being thrown away. 2) Because we need to increase global food production by 60-70% in order to feed the global population with its additional 2.3 billion citizens by 2050, and the FAO has warned that if we don't figure out how to do this then it will lead to mass population displacement, civil unrest etc. Again, OLIO is directly helping to remedy this by decreasing food waste and therefore helping to address some of this growing pressure to be able to feed everybody.

Hi there, OLIO is being used in the US as we speak and we've seen food sharing happening in Seattle, the Bay Area, NYC, Cedar Rapids and Boston amongst others. We have taken full legal advice every step of the way and that is reflected in the T&Cs of the app which you can read here - Essentially any collecting of items is done at the risk of the person doing the collecting, and all the usual laws & regulations with regards to food and food safety that apply in the offline world apply on OLIO too.

If you would like to help spread the word about OLIO in the US then please do drop me a line on and we can set up a skype call. Thanks!


Tessa commented on OLIO - The Food Sharing Revolution

Hi there! I about 3-4 weeks time we will be making the app available to be used globally, yay :). However, how OLIO gets kickstarted in any new area is via our network of 5k and counting volunteers who help spread the word and get things going. If you're interested in finding out more then please email us on And volunteering can take as little or as much time as you'd like. Thanks!